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We get a lot of questions from our customers and we wanted to share these questions & answers with everyone. Ian will field the questions and Roberta will offer her advice!

Ian: Janice from Bayside, NY asks: "We decided to throw together a last minute Ugly Sweater party in 3 weeks! I need help! I'm not sure where to start and how to get the invites out fast! I also will need some ideas for the party. Please help ASAP!" 

Quick! Roberta! Help this lady out! We all know you are a planner *and sometimes plan way too far ahead* but I know you have a bunch of great items for all the last minute planners out there!

Roberta: Ok, yes. Guilty. I do plan a little too far ahead... sometimes. But this is common for a lot of my customers. They find something fun, last minute, and want to get everything together quickly. I completely understand and that is why I offer a bunch of items to help get the party planning moving along quickly!

First - we need to get the invitation sent out quickly. 

The fastest way to do this is via email. I have a few great Ugly Sweater Party Invitations and these are an instant download, which means you will have access to the PDF as soon as you purchase it!

I include a single 5x7 editable file that you can edit, save and email to your guests. And this is nice because it will save you a little money by not having it printed and mailed! All you have to do to edit this file is use Adobe Reader. It's a free program that is easy to use. And if you get stuck or need some help, you can always send me a quick email!

Or if you want to stick to the traditional route of printing and mailing - you can print these at home and get them in the mail before the next pick up!

Next - We need a fun activity at the party! 

I have this awesome Ugly Sweater Photo Prop that is always a huge hit at Ugly Sweater parties! I get so many great photos from happy customers and they let me know what a blast it is to take photos with our awesome prop! And the best part is - we work with a really great printer that can print/ship this directly to your house. Their standard shipping is 8 business days, but they do have rush options as well. Their printing prices are a little less than local copy centers and they print these on a higher quality material! 

Or if you are in a REAL RUSH (under 2 days) you can always take the PDF to a local copy center and have them print and mount to foam board for you. You will just need to ask them to cut out the center. OR you could always assemble this yourself. I include detailed step-by-step instructions for all the crafty crafters out there!

And finally - the voting for Ugliest Sweater!

This is the most important step in hosting an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! Everyone needs to walk around the party - judging! I have these great cards that include a sign so that everyone can easily cast their vote for who they think has the ugliest sweater!

And it comes with an 8x10 sign that you can easily print at home and frame near the voting box!

You will want to get some prizes together too. We found these great sashes from Target:

And we will be awarding the winners bottles of wine. But you can use anything for a prize! A fun (home made) trophy, a gift card, a box of cookies, a tinsel crown, fruit cake... really anything!

I hope this will help you throw together a last minute Ugly Sweater Party that is one to remember! And we wish you the Ugliest Christmas ever!


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