Super Easy DIY Chalkboard


Super Easy DIY Chalkboard

January 5, 2016

Over the holidays we have our family over to eat, drink and be merry. This year we decided it would be fun to create a cute and functional chalkboard welcome sign. Nothing fancy, just something we could hang and re-use year after year.

Recently my parents had cleaned out a few old paintings they had laying around and I immediately collected them - not knowing what I would use them for, but some of them had amazing frames, so I couldn't let them go to waste!

I took one of the larger paintings where the canvas was falling out of the frame and decided this was going to be our new chalkboard canvas!

This is a pretty easy DIY project, so I will break down the few steps it too for me to get a final product:

Step one

You will need to purchase a few items: Chalkboard paint, white trim paint, a small roller, a medium painters brush and some painters tape. We used this Rust-oleum chalkboard paint product and it worked great!


Step two

I removed the canvas from the frame (it was already falling out, so this was pretty easy). But if you don't have an old painting to work with, you can search your local Goodwill for these types of old art, yard sales are awesome or go through your relatives garages or attics - I bet you will find some gems!


Step three

I laid out the frame on some newspaper, cleaned it and used my medium brush and white trim paint to paint the outside of the frame. I gave this two coats.

Step four

I laid out the canvas onto some newspaper and used my small roller and just rolled out the chalkboard paint until it was fully covered. I gave this 3 coats, just to be sure I didn't miss any spots. (I also hoped that this painting I was covering was not a missing rare piece of art that was worth millions - that would have been a little upsetting).

Step five

Take a short break. While everything was drying, I watched an episode of Fixer Upper on DVR and enjoyed a few freshly baked cookies. (I enjoy multi-tasking).

Step six

I like to "season" a chalkboard a little before using it, so I basically took some white chalk and drew all over the board, erased, repeated until I liked the look. I don't know if this is the "proper" technique, but it's what works for me!

Step seven

I placed the canvas back in the frame, and to hold it in place I added a few small tacks and used my painters tape all around the backing to securely hold the canvas in place. You could also try masking tape or duct tape. It's on the back, so no one will see this part.

Step eight

Draw out your message (I like to lightly sketch everything out first, then chalk it in). Hang this where everyone will see it and your done!

Get ready for your family and friends to say things like "Oh, this is so cute!" and "Where did you get this?" or "Can you make me one for my house?". Receiving lots of compliments can really make your day!


Roberta Moran