Lovely DIY WiFi Password Sign


Lovely DIY WiFi Password Sign

February 10, 2016

Today I wanted to do a quick write up about our lovely and convenient DIY WiFi Password Signs. These are great for when you are having people over or having guests for the weekend. And we make it easy so you can instantly download a file, type in the info, print and frame! And the best part is - you can print this file as many times as you like. You could frame one in the kitchen - one in your guest bedroom - one in the living room - one for the kids bedrooms - anywhere you need people to know the password for your wifi. These are also great for vacation homes (and looks much better than a password written on a piece of paper on the fridge). 800x600_WiFi2

Only $5 and only available at our etsy shop.

We have a few different styles - click the name to take you to the shop:

Chalkboard Style

Pink Floral Style

Winter Style