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Easy Step-by-step instructions on how to create a beautiful fan wedding program.

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When we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted a fan program. We were having an outdoor wedding that was very quaint and cozy and we thought a fan program would be the perfect addition to our ceremony. I love that these are functional in two ways - 1. (The obvious reason) Explaining the entire wedding ceremony so guests can clearly understand everything and everyone that is involved with the ceremony. And 2. It's a fan! So if it is warm, your guests can use these lovely programs to cool off.

We offer a variety of designs in a DIY template. These are super easy and include instructions, but I wanted to lay everything out here in great detail so that our customers can easily follow along!

DIY Fan Wedding Program Instructions:

Before you get started you will want to collect your supplies: You'll want to get some craft sticks. You can get these at any craft store or online. And they come in a variety of colors or in a nice natural wood. You will also need some double sided tape, scissors and white matte card stock.

Quick List:

  1. White Matte Card Stock

  2. Craft Sticks

  3. Double Sided Tape

  4. Scissors or X-Acto Knife

  5. (optional) Ribbon

Step one: Purchase one of our many lovely wedding fan programs! Go to our wedding section of our shop.

Step two: You will want to make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader - don't worry - it's free. Here is the link:

Step three: After purchasing, you will receive an email to download the PDF. When you open the file - you will see specific areas that are highlighted in blue - these are the editable areas.

Step four: Type in all of your information and save.

Step five: Print! You can print these on white matte card stock. A 90lb paper is great, but it's really your personal preference.

Step six: You will want to fold the program in half first. I have provided crop marks for the middle - so use this and make a sharp fold.

Step seven: Using the crop marks - while folded - cut out the program.

Step eight: You'll want to measure how far you want the craft stick to be a handle. Mark that with a pencil then use that as a guide to mark the rest of the sticks.

Step nine: Use the double sided tape to adhere one side of the stick to the back of the front of the program.

Step ten: Use your double sided tape along the edges of the inside of the program - you'll only need to do this on one side. Then run a strip of tape on top of the craft stick so that it adheres to the program when finally folded.

Step eleven: Carefully fold the program so both sides are now adhered together.

Step twelve (optional): You can either purchase a die cutter for the corners or hand-cut round the corners of the program.

Step thirteen (optional): Use a pretty ribbon in the same color as your wedding palette to add a little added embellishment to the program.

Step fourteen: Sit back and take a look at this awesome and beautiful wedding program that YOU just created!! Make sure your photographer gets a good shot of these!

If you have any other questions - feel free to email us at: - we are always happy to help our DIY brides!



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