DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Box


Congratulations, you're engaged! Now it's time to get to work...

I wanted to kick off the new year with a fun DIY project for all those newly engaged people out there (congrats to all!). This is a Bridesmaid Proposal Box - which is a perfect little gift box to give to your Team Bride and ask them to be a part of your big day!

First - let's list out what we need:

  1. Mini bottles of champagne (any kind).
  2. The Creative Union Design "Will you Be My Bridesmaid DIY Mini-Champagne Bottle Labels".
  3. An empty shoe box (this shouldn't be a problem if you are like me and tend to purchase more shoes than you actually need).
  4. A Creative Union Design "Pink Rose Wreath Personalized Tote Bag"
  5. Some tissue paper and wrapping paper (any color of your liking).
  6. The Creative Union Design "I can promise you all the champagne you can drink" Bridesmaid card.
  7. Full sheet sticker paper (available at any copy shop).
  8. A pair of scissors.
  9. And some tape.
  10. Now let's get started!

There are a few items you may need to pre-order from our shop, so after you purchase those items and are waiting for them to arrive in the mail - you can get started by gathering your shoe boxes, tissue paper, sticker paper and of course - the champagne.

Step one

Make sure you chill at least 1 bottle of mini-champagne before starting... you will need a refreshment while you are working on this activity!

Step two

Take your shoe box and wrap it like a gift - making sure you will be able to open the lid. You can use your tissue paper - or any kind of lovely wrapping paper that you may have.

Step three

You will want to purchase and instantly download the DIY champagne labels. You can easily print the pdf at home onto a full sheet of sticker paper. Using your scissors - cut the labels out and either place over top of the existing label, or you can remove the label first and place the new label directly onto the bottle.

**After this step - you may want to pop that bottle that is chilling in the fridge**

Step four

Fill the inside of your box with your tissue paper making sure it is pretty fluffed and full of the tissue paper. You can gently place you mini-champagne bottle inside and fluff some of the tissue paper around it.

Step five

Take the tote bag that you purchased and fold it and roll it so the name is presented. Place that next to the mini-champagne bottle.

Step six

Take some time to fill out the "I can promise you all the champagne you can drink" bridesmaid card. This is a big moment - make sure you let her know why you have hand selected her to be a part of your team!

Step seven

Place the card in the envelope and hand print her name. Then place that in the box as well.

Step eight

Box everything up and tie it with a pretty bow!

Step nine

This is the best step - giving the box to your Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid and watching her face light up!

You are going to need these ladies support over the next few months, and with this DIY Bridesmaid Box - you are letting them know that you appreciate them handling all the chaos that is about to begin! Plus, it's always good to butter up the Bridesmaids... they are the one's planning your Bachelorette Party, after all!