Beer Themed Birthday Party


Looking to plan a fun birthday party for the beer lover in your life? We have everything covered for you to throw a memorable birthday party. Well, everything except the beverages.

Our Cheers & Beers themed birthday items will get all your guests excited to celebrate. Start off with our invitation that can be customized for ANY AGE! Need it to be a surprise party? No problem, we have a surprise version too.

Don't worry. We have your decorations covered too. Our DIY birthday banner can be customized for any age (ex: Cheers to 40 Years!). Instantly download the banner on our Etsy shop for only $5. Print and assemble as many banners as you need for your party!

Wait until all of your guests get a hold of our photo prop! They will be snapping away and posting their favorite photos of your party. 


Now the best part. We have personalized beer labels to stick on your bottles. Everyone is going to love reading the fun personalized labels while they enjoy their cold beverage at your party. Buy all 3 items in this Cheers for Beers birthday package for only $33. You'll save so much money on the party planning budget that you'll have extra beer money!



Bonus: Have a Craft Beer Swap at Your Party


There is only one thing beer drinkers like more than drinking beer. And that is trying NEW craft beers. There are over 4,000 craft breweries in just the United States. That means there are a lot of choices...and choices are fun.  THAT'S where the Craft Beer Swap comes in to play. 

Ask your guests to bring a 6 pack of their favorite craft brew to your party. Towards the end of the party they'll swap beers with the other guests and leave with a craft brew variety pack as their party favor. It doesn't get any better than that!

Here are the details:

  1. Ask your guests to bring a 6 pack of a good craft beer. 
  2. Place all of the beers on a table and line them in rows of 6.
  3. Draw numbers from a hat to determine the beer selection order.
  4. Each guest will then take turns choosing one beer at a time from the table until all the beers have been selected.
  5. Your guests will have a great time and head home with a new 6 pack!