New Holiday Party Ideas


We get a lot of questions from our customers and we wanted to share these questions & answers with everyone. Ian will field the questions and Roberta will offer her advice!

IAN: Ashley from Brookfield, WI asks: "We host a big family Christmas party every year and I really want this year to be memorable. Do you have any suggestions of ways I can make this holiday party stand out and be one to remember?" This is a great question! I was thinking we need to up our game this year, as well! What do you think, Roberta? How can she make her Christmas party more memorable?

ROBERTA: We do need to up our game this year, Ian! I think you'd look great in a Santa suit... maybe we can work on that! To answer Ashley, we have lots of great ideas to make this Christmas party more memorable! 

First we need to tackle the basics. 

1. Figure out what type of party you are hosting

Will this be a fun party with games and prizes? Or a more sophisticated affair with hors d'oeuvres? Either way, it's best to envision how the evening will unfold. This year, Ian and I have decided to host an Ugly Sweater party. We have family traveling in for the holidays, so it's the perfect opportunity to get a little ugly!

2. Save the Date

You will need to plan a date that works for everyone. And sending out an invite as soon as you have the details planned. Usually about 2 months is great timing. We have a bunch of invites that are editable and you don't need to print and mail - you can edit and email to your guests. It's faster and is environmentally friendly. Or you can stick to the traditional route and print these at home on your home printer! Just edit, print and trim!

3. Figure out the menu

I am usually thinking about food, but this forces me to be a little more creative with meal selections. I usually head to Pinterest to see what looks fun (and easy) for me to re-create. I like to get a general idea of the menu, and we usually try to stick to foods that are easy to manage while standing. We also like to think about food for the kids too, because if we don't - they will live on Christmas cookies and candy canes.

4. Now the fun part...decorating!

I like to gather various fun items while I am out and about in my usual shopping excursions. This year, because we are having an Ugly Sweater party - we have decided to have prizes! Another fun option would be party favors - even if it is a little home made snack or an ornament to remember the occasion. You can make it more personal by adding our editable favor tags to the gift:

5. Activities! 

It's important to have a general agenda of how the night will go and it always makes the night more fun when there are planned activities. I highly recommend our Ugly Sweater Party Prop. Or for a more sophisticated party - we have this lovely Merry Christmas design.

AND the best part is - we work with an awesome printer who will print/ship these directly to your door! Their prices are less than most local copy centers and they use a weather resistant high quality material! So you can use these year after year! 

You will end up with so many awesome photos!

6. Cheers! 

Let's not forget the most important part to any party! The beverages! In our family we have a few non-drinkers (as well as some underage folks), so we like to have a variety of beverage options. We like to come up with a fun holiday cocktail each year and we usually have it in a special section of the kitchen counter. It's great to put a little 8x10 or 5x7 sign next to it, so guests can help themselves and know what they are getting into! 

Another beverage station we always have is the hot chocolate bar! There are usually a few kids hovering around this area for 90% of the night. And again we like to spruce up this section with a fun little Hot Chocolate Bar sign:

7. Ambiance 

Ian is our house resident DJ, so he works on creating the perfect playlist that everyone will enjoy. He likes to throw in a few surprises that are conversation starters too! My job is to make sure all the Christmas lights are ablaze and sometimes I will put on a family friendly movie for the kids. 

8. Start Family Traditions

Luckily my Dad is a professional piano player, so around the end of the night we all gather around and sing a few Christmas carols before we tuck the kids into bed. It's fun to start family traditions that everyone looks forward to each year. If you have a group of good singers, ask them to show off their skills. Or have a family member disappear and magically - Santa appears! Or have Grandma or Grandpa read a bedtime Christmas story. Anything that brings family together really could turn into a yearly tradition.

I hope this is all helpful! 

And I hope you have the most memorable Christmas party ever!